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The Vortex Sample Gas Heater (VSGH) is a portable device for gas heating at spot sampling locations, thus to prevent sampling vapor from condensing.

The core of the VSGH is a Vortex Heater (VH), which converts internal energy of decompressing gas flow into a highly intensive heat flux. The released thermal energy is then applied to the sample gas as it travels through a heat exchanger set up on the VT’s walls.

To provide consistency in heating and flexibility in operation, the VH in the VSGH is fed with environmentally friendly gas at 50 lbs. from the high pressure bottle through a gas pressure reducer. However, when applicable the VH can also be fed with wellhead or pipeline gas.


  •  Adds up to 90°F to the sample gas inlet temperature
  •  Generates heat as an outcome of the compressed gas pressure reduction
  •  No moving parts
  •  Utilizes bottled, environmentally friendly gas (nitrogen, oxygen etc.) to generate heat
  •  Low flow generates substantial heat
  •  Consistent heating and flexible operation

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